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10" Top Seller Proven Winners Combo Basket - Copley Kiwanis

10" Top Seller Proven Winners Combo Basket - Copley Kiwanis

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These are our Full Sun (6+Hours) Standard 10" Hanging Baskets that bloom all summer long - they look great on a patio or entrance, can fill up a container or can be removed from the basket and dropped right into the ground for an instant splash of color. These are the baskets that we are known for growing! Some of the Combinations & Recipes that we pick from are listed below, search their names on Proven Winner's Recipe Website for a sneak peak:   

Click Here to see Proven Winners Container Recipes

Warm Color Combo Baskets have Reds, Yellows, Oranges and Warm Tones etc. Featured Combination Recipes this year include: Crushed Pineapple, Candy Store, Joy, It's So You and Beachside Drive.

Cool Color Combo Baskets have Light & Dark Purples, Blues, Darker Shades etc. Featured Combinations this year include: Polar Peach, Ada, Livin on Edge, Misty Seas and Color Shock. 

Pink/Violet Combo Baskets have Pastel colors such as Light Pink, Deep Pink, Pastel Purple etc. Featured Combinations this year include Above & Beyond, Color Statement, Share the Joy, Sunglasses and Far & Away

*Please Note: To assure you get the highest quality basket at the time of pickup, we use 'grower's choice' for the exact Combinations as each grows slightly faster or slower. We pull the best combo baskets that match your color choice theme from the Recipes listed. 

*Purchase Price includes e-commerce processing charge and product delivery to help make it convenient for partners & fundraiser coordinators to handle orders.

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