Located in Wadsworth, OH

Stop by the Farm and be a part of our "Greenhouse Family" - We focus on growing a great selection of plants for our Customers, providing Employment & Training for Local Residents & High School Students, and working with Schools toward Fundraiser Goals.

greenhouse aisle.  Geranium hanging baskets above, grasses on left, and rows of 5 inch pot geraniums on the right

Come get lost in the greenery.

We would love to have you come browse to your heart's content as our greenhouse offers a diverse selection to suit every taste.

close up of a flat filled with an assortment of small succulents.

Don't forget the little ones.

Bring a touch of nature into your space with a low-maintenance and visually stunning succulent.

Downtown Wadsworth in middle of square 50 feet from gazebo.  In front, a large arrangement of ivy, petunias, and tropical plants including full bloomed red oleanders.

Come see us around town.

We absolutely love bringing some extra love and smiles to downtown Wadsworth spaces.