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Tropical Storage Program: 1 Pallet

Tropical Storage Program: 1 Pallet

Our Tropical Storage Program enables Clients to grow their landscape showpieces year-over-year and add an exotic touch to their homes & businesses. We store plants from October until May on industry standard 40"x48" Pallets: Over wintered plants are incorporated into our Fertilizer, Watering & Pest Management program that we currently use to care for our own in-house Collection.

 We have dozens of happy customers who take part in the program annually whom we grow beautiful foliage for. This service is for those who enjoy growing as a hobby and have plants that make a large impact in their life and landscape! 

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Our Customers deliver their plants to the Greenhouse prior to Fall Frost (Usually Week #39/Early October) and pick them up after the risk of frost is over in May (Usually Week #20/Late May) ; The price listed is to be paid upon pickup/delivery for the prior storage period, in which it is assumed the frost risk for their specific location has passed and they want to proceed with their landscape plan for the Season. Storage plants should be in plastic pots ranging from 10-60 Gallon Sizes depending on plant size. Our Staff will happily help recommend and/or source grower pots to fit inside any ceramics/delicate pottery so foliage & planters are easily swapped in and out annually. We do offer a delivery & staging service for a fee, however this is limited as our greenhouse business is primarily outfitted as a growing facility.

1 Pallet holds around 60 Gallons of Foliage under normal circumstances ie. 2 x 25 Gallon Palms ; 4 x 15 Gallon Banana Trees ; 1 Banana + 1 Palm etc. with a maximum of 5 total pots per pallet ; Some foliage specimens are large enough they will only fit 1 per pallet (one client has a beautiful 10+ year old Monstera that takes an entire pallet!!) and our Crew will instruct what fits best for your circumstance. Off-Season temperature is kept around the 60's during the day and 50's at night in our Greenhouse and are monitored 24/7 with over a dozen sensors from a USA based company. In the rare case a client's plants do not survive the storage period due to unforeseen circumstances - no payment is due for storage and our crew will dispose of the plants accordingly. This typically happens to around 1 out of 80 pallets that we store due to natural causes including but not limited to: Disease/Viruses, Common Pests (think mealybugs, spider mites, etc.) and/or subprime growing seasons for specific cultures of plants. We treat all storage material with the same care as our own private collection and most years no plants perish - but it is always a known and assumed risk in Horticulture when dealing with living things.

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