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Tropical Storage - Delivery & Staging

Tropical Storage - Delivery & Staging

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Distance One Way
Staging Fee - 2 Movers included per Hour - Ground Level, Dolly Accessible

Delivery & staging is limited as our greenhouse business is staffed and outfitted as a growing facility.

1 Pallet holds around 60 Gallons of Foliage under normal circumstances ie. 2 x 25 Gallon Palms ; 4 x 15 Gallon Banana Trees ; 1 Banana + 1 Palm etc. with a maximum of 5 total pots per pallet.

Delivery Fee is based on the total time it typically takes for Loading a Trailer, Moving & Staging Large Plants, Fuel, Mileage etc. Labor Rates are based on our Standard Labor Rates of $80/Hour per Team Member.

We have dozens of happy customers who take part in the program annually whom we grow beautiful foliage for. This service is for those who enjoy growing as a hobby and have plants that make a large impact in their life and landscape! 

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